EAP Services

Help your employees UNCOVER the innate behaviors affecting their mental health and ability to feel fulfilled in their work-life and health.

Unmanaged behaviors are wreaking havoc in the work -life of those you employ and serve.

These behaviors are not only affecting their physical and mental health, productivity, retention, compliance, and morale are at risk when they don t feel understood and/or are stressed out.

DEMA is the only mental health practice in the world that uses a unique behavioral assessment tool designed and validated by independent and industrial psychologists to reveal how employees will react and make decisions specifically when stressed with over 91% accuracy.

We understand who your employees are and why they are, innately, and using this data along with coaching and/or therapy, we work with them to change or modify their outcome.

Our goal is to get your workforce professionally “ well ” and thriving personally and 2 sessions with our licensed or master’s level therapists, counselors, and/or accredited innate behavior coaches is all that we suggest.

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