Cassandra Govan

Founder, Senior Behavior Consultant & Accredited Wealth Mentor at Dema Agency Consultants LLC

The brain and senior behavior consultant / accredited wealth mentor behind Dema Agency Consultants LLC is Cassandra Govan.

Cassandra is an experienced entrepreneur who, as a business owner since 2001, has successfully transformed and educated B2B and B2C clients in health and wellness.

Cassandra believes in assisting everyone in an organization from the CEO down to the person handling the rubbish as well as their patients, clients or customers, employees and families they serve. She teaches individuals how behavioral assessments and the correct health and wellness programs can keep an organization and those in the center of it, lean.

She strongly believes that everyone needs to “OWN their Behavior”, everyday and all day if they truly want the quality of life they deserve.

With a unique genetic behavioral style of Initiator, her top two talents are Take Charge & Creative (95-98% stronger than the population). These two talents allow her to redesign existing or create new programs and workshops to suit the needs of your organization quickly.

We offer coaching and consulting to providers, professionals or advisors in the health and wellness (including personal training and nutrition), finance and service industries.

Our coaching and consulting packages allow you to:

1) Utilize our brilliance and creativity to assist you in designing customized products or services based on your businesses wants and needs,

2) Have access to our licensed Behavior products and body development wellness programs or services which we will train you on, and/or

3) Leave all the details to us including analyzing and consulting on employee behavior, setting up fun and engaging workplace Challenges, facilitating Workshops, and more.

All of our services may be offered on an individual or group basis and paid for by the participant directly. Pricing may vary.

To be transparent, we feel it’s important to acknowledge that Dema Agency Consultants LLC has existing venture, alliance or affiliate marketing agreements with a network of consultants, businesses or vendors who allow us to market their product or services to our clients. We are the liaison between them and our relationship with them in no way devalues the services or commitment we offer to you.

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