Wk 8 – If not now, when?

I’d like to leave you with a quick question between friends. If not now, when? You are tired of being out of shape, not being comfortable looking in the mirror, feeling sluggish and slow, having weight related health issues, not being able to fit into clothes,  not doing as well as you would like in yourContinue reading “Wk 8 – If not now, when?”

Wk 7 – Make this a lifestyle….

There’s no doubt at all with hard effort, self-discipline, motivation and a smart program like the one you’ve been following for the last 7 weeks incredible changes to our bodies can be made. I’ve seen people lose 40 lbs and look like completely new and improved versions of themselves. All that said, real change isContinue reading “Wk 7 – Make this a lifestyle….”

Wk 6 – Resistance train for best results.

Welcome to Week 6. I’m very happy you’ve made it this far. Can you see the new you starting to come through in the mirror? The best is yet to come. Week 6 brings us another fitness myth to brush aside and dispel. Many  people truly believe weight training is only for the bodybuilding styleContinue reading “Wk 6 – Resistance train for best results.”

Wk 5 – Benefits of HIIT (high intensity interval training)

What if there were a way to super charge your cardio and make your fat melt off in a fraction of the time of traditional calorie burning workouts? Would you be excited? Well there is. It’s called High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT for short) and it’s the focus of Week 5 of our 7Continue reading “Wk 5 – Benefits of HIIT (high intensity interval training)”

Wk 4 -The importance of macronutrients

  For week 4 of our 7 Week Slim Down we’re going to take another look at diet. For weight loss purposes we can view our diets as basically being split between two important categories. The first category is micronutrients: vitamins and minerals- things we need in small quantities that don’t carry calories. Most of us areContinue reading “Wk 4 -The importance of macronutrients”