Is your organization navigating behavioral differences to build strong relationships, internal and external?

DOWNLOAD or read this quick presentation to find out what this means and why it’s important that you consider the benefits of building behaviorally today.

Explore 8 areas where behavioral insights would be very useful within your organization or practice.

1. Leader and Clinician Selection– Service based Organizations around the world leverage natural behavior insights to measure behavior and help leaders create deep connections with all clinicians or employees and build behaviorally diverse teams to ensure there is a balance of behavioral styles necessary to perform job functions.

2. Team Communication– How do you prefer to connect withclinicians, clients or patients? On the phone? Email? Web meeting? In-person meetings? Just as you have a preference, so do they. Our insights predict the best method for clinician/employee and client/patient communications. For instance, a short phone call, a lengthy in-person meeting, or a quick email with bullet points.

3. Team Compatibility– Teams with the highest potential for becoming top-performing teams are those that have strengths in all behavioral areas. Where one player is keen on creativity, another is strong on operationalizing new ideas to make them scalable and repeatable. Where one is good with detailed planning, another should be good at the following instinct when the plan gets stuck. With the Natural Behavior team report, you can quickly see and share where your team strengths are and where you may have behavioral gaps that could be important to fill.

4. Clinician/Employee Performance Keys– Knowing your strengths, you can increase your performance potential. Do you tend to be focused more on Results or Relationships? Our reports help you understand your approach to getting things done, making decisions, working with others, and planning work. With these insights, you can align your talents with work that needs to be done on your team and in your organization.

5. Work Rewards– Our Hiring report measures 200+ behavioral insights that represent virtually every human habit. Learn what makes your clinicians, employees, clients and patients wake up each day, get excited to work each day, and the work or life rewards to make this a repeatable pattern.

6. Role Alignment– Our insight report provides powerful behavioral insights to identify and predict the strengths, struggles, and work habits for all members of your organization and team. Role alignment, aligning the people in your organization to the available roles or at least zoning in on their specific talents within the team, is the ultimate way to build a strong culture.

7. Approach to Decision-Making– An individuals’ risk-taking propensity, biases with money, need for control, and speed at which to operate will have profound impacts on their approach to work-life decision making. There are behavioral biases for these, and these can all be measured, at scale, for an organization.

8. Adaptability– Whether its adapting to new technology, new organizational structure or processes, clinicians, employees, clients and patients today all require a level of adaptability, but which individuals in or outside your organization are the most adaptable? How resilient is your organization or the people it serves to change? There are behavioral insights for that!

3 Reasons to Implement Natural Behavior Insights

POWERFUL: A cutting edge and holistic set of business and financial behavior insights addressing risk, spending and goal driving behaviors, as well as 200+ insights covering virtually every human habit: the way a person communicates, invests, works, and lives.

RELIABLE: A reliable method of delivering practical and actionable insights for every clinician, employee, client and patient. So reliable, participants never have to re-take a natural behavior discovery.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Build your own app with our API or white-label existing behavior solutions for clinicians, employees, clients, patients, partners and organizations.

If you can‘t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Intensified behaviors caused by unmanaged human differences, money attitudes, pressure, and emotions derail performance. Intuition doesn’t measure behavior, particularly in a virtual world, our behavioral tech solutions do.


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