Bounce Back (B)!

Are you ready to UNCOVER the secret weapon that has been sabotaging your ability to have the ….

You desire and deserve.

This weapon is such a mystery that some of the most influential coaches, consultants, trainers, and healthcare practitioners in the world don’t know it exists nor do the schools who certify them as professionals.

Sadly, all of these individuals including me, a former 20 yr Fitness & Nutrition business owner, have been using psychology tactics, personality assessments, SMART goals, and more to sell you unsustainable long-term results.

These unsustainable results have left you:

I know you want to bounce back from adversities, imposter syndrome, limited beliefs, lack of motivation, setbacks, relationship issues, divorce or a break-up, ineffective dieting or fitness plans, career decisions, holding yourself back from starting that business, trauma, financial mismanagement plus more.

Honestly, I don’t blame you for feeling like this. You’ve dedicated too much time already trying to find the right SOLUTION yet not being able to.

I told you I could change how you’ll make decisions in your career, business, relationships, health or finances instantlywithin hours!

I told you I can offer this because I devoted several years to figuring out “why” you couldn’t attain and sustain results and was finally able to solve the puzzle (aka find the secret weapon)?

I told you the “secret weapon” is your genetic natural behavior and technology used to uncover it has existed since 2001, is in 123 countries, available in 11 languages and has been proven to produce over 31+ million positive outcomes to date?

I told you I designed a Work-Life Intensive focused on behavior, body and/or business development in order to make your transformation process even more impactful?

At the end of the Intensive,

  • You will have uncovered your (and your partners) genetic natural behavior and communication style.
  • You (and your partner) will understand how to create, plan, and evaluate your goals (career, business, relationship, health or finance) based on your genetic natural behavior.
  • You will clearly understand how you (and your partner) make financial decisions and discover how sales persons get you to commit to purchases that don’t serve you.
  • You no longer will live your life based on fear, shame, imposter syndrome, disgust or guilt.
  • You’ll understand what to accept and tolerate regarding your being Work-Life FIT in all things. 
  • You will be more focused and driven to attain and maintain your results
  • Having real skin in the game will allow you to find the PERFECT provider long-term should you need assistance from a professional.

Are you READY to Commit to YOU?

This Intensive will help you regardless if you want to focus on your career, business, relationship, health or finances.

Individual Intensive: $1,997 – $2,147

Group Intensive: $497-547 per person

There are NO sessions available in Q3 or Q4 2022. Check back later!

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HEALTHCARE ORGS & EMPLOYERS: Although this Intensive references individuals, you may contact us to inquire about organizing a private class, teaching the goal of your choice, for your clinicians, employees, clients and/or patients. Click here to send us an email


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