Closer look at behavior

A closer look at genetic natural behavior.

We all have an inherently unique genetic behavioral code representing our natural talents and performance. 

This natural and instinctive behavior, developed from birth to age 3, is what shows up when making many decisions. Assessments created with “what if” scenarios or rating scales (i.e. very accurate to least accurate) such as the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs (MBTI), or DiSC are focused on components of personality dynamics in different circumstances which change over time based on experience, etc; these don’t work in all circumstances however.

Because personality and behavior are not the same, personality testing is not designed to measure natural behavior. However, some traits from our natural behavior will appear on personality tests all the time because it’s who we are innately, our hard-wired behavior.

Dema Agency’s behavior discovery process uses a forced choice scoring model and reliable predictor to determine how individuals will consistently perform over the long-term and it provides a structured methodology for building and managing healthy cohesive teams and improving your bottom line.

Behavior influences every life and business decision one makes which is why the study of genetic natural behavior is essential.

With this powerful resource, purpose-driven healthcare, finance and business providers can teach the clinicians, employees, clients, patients and families they serve and/or employ how to: 1) communicate more effectively with others, 2) discover how they prefer to learn and be rewarded, including the environment, 3) uncover talents, strengths, struggles, biases and risks, and 4) educate others on what’s needed to achieve the quality life they desire and deserve.

Today, self-awareness is a much needed pillar of emotional intelligence. We can not help others fully if we struggle understanding ourselves. Therefore, if as a Provider or organization you desire (or require) those you serve to be aware of how they are making decisions, you must first be able to accurately measure and unveil who they are at the core.

Our natural behavior discovery insights improve self-awareness and we also offer assistance in the the remaining 3 of the 4 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence which are self-management, relationship management and social awareness.

The behavioral coding system we use has 2 levels which are integrated:

1. The genetic natural behavioral style that remains stable over time and will drive how you consistently respond to different events. Natural behavior is determined by around age 3 when the neural pathways are formed and remains very ingrained. It is based on genetics (“raw material”) and early life experiences; and

2. Your current learned behavioral style which is consistently shaped by your environment, life experiences, values and education. You continuously develop although the natural behavior remains the core. Stronger learned behavior is developed from age 3 to 18 and can be adapted with focus. Less ingrained learned behavior from age 19 can be  modified with awareness, experiences and education.

Here is a graphic image to help you understand how this looks.

Scoring model questions

Because we aim to discover natural behavior, a forced choice scoring model is used opposed to “what if” scenarios or rating scales like the other 3,000+ profiling tools on the market today. Here’s an example of what our questions looks like.

Immediately after completion of the behavioral assessment, participants will receive a video of their behavior style as well as access to review their results in detail when you as a Provider implements your own system in-house.

A Look at the Report

Here is a peek of one copy of the talent report generated after the assessment is completed; this report can look different contingent on how your system is set-up.

Although this report provides some resourceful information; the true uncovering of who the participant is in raw form is discovered during a live Decode My Behavior Consultation. During this session, a consultant will discuss the top 2 strongest traits driving natural behavior in depth as well as other insights contingent on the interests of the participant.

Your business may also use this data for group meetings, speaking engagements or conferences to discuss clinician or team cohesiveness, leadership, employee training and development, rewards systems and more; we can make it fit in whatever capacity you see fit.

Please note: The above report is one of many available to help uncover and understand natural and instinctive talents as they relate to 1) how decisions are made in business, relationships, health, or finances 2) leadership, 3) hiring, 4) career development, 5) team performance, 6) family and relationships, 7) financial decisions, 8) communication and 9) in any many other areas.

Uncover your own raw talents and performance keys to better understand how this will help the patients, clients, employees or families you serve!

If after completing the assessment, you’d like to have a Decode My Behavior Consultation to understand your behavior before considering it for your business, you’ll be offered a promotional price to do so.

If you’re READY to schedule an appointment to learn more about implementing behavioral insights in your workplace, click here to contact us.

If you’re an employee directed to take this assessment by your employer, check with your human resources department to determine which report access you have been granted if it’s different than what we provide you.

If you’re a patient, Veteran or other, authorized to complete the assessment using health insurance, please visit Atlanta Telehealth by CLICKING HERE.


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