Do you understand your clinicians, staff and employees purpose?

The majority of time when I hear purpose talked about it pertains to business owners, leaders or individuals who want to leave their job and find another one. Understanding ones purpose within an organization however is even more important if you want to improve productivity, retention and compliance and help them grow within Xxx yourContinue reading “Do you understand your clinicians, staff and employees purpose?”

Apple Smartwatch vs FitBit. Which should you buy?

Reach sustainable goals faster with a smart watch. Apple vs Fitbit… which should you buy? Everywhere I turn, I see searches or posts about Apple vs Fitbit watches. Tracking your health, wellness and fitness journey has been proven to get you one step closer to achieving long-term sustainable results so rightfully, you should be askingContinue reading “Apple Smartwatch vs FitBit. Which should you buy?”

Nutrition Advice to Ignore

A nutritionist once told me this and I completely disagreed. I bet they’re telling you the same thing. “You should eat or drink this _ (insert food) because it’s healthy for you” 🤦🏽‍♀️ NO, NO, NO Who cares if a food or drink is healthy; that’s not the reason why you should eat or drinkContinue reading “Nutrition Advice to Ignore”

Behavior & Body Plans- the new must have!

Before you start a business, what is the FIRST thing you’re taught to do? Write a business plan. When I started my fitness & nutirion business 20 years ago, I wrote a business plan. When I decided to change how I did business, I wrote another business plan. I knew that without a business plan,Continue reading “Behavior & Body Plans- the new must have!”

ONE health lesson Freddie Freeman’s story taught me

As a young boy, MLB Player Freddie Freeman, faced losing his father two years after the death of his mom. His father, Fred Sr, widowed and trying to fill two parental roles, was depressed and gained a ton of weight and it took a toll on his health. After a rushed visit to the ER,Continue reading “ONE health lesson Freddie Freeman’s story taught me”