Wk 8 – If not now, when?


I’d like to leave you with a quick question between friends. If not now, when?

You are tired of being out of shape, not being comfortable looking in the mirror, feeling sluggish and slow, having weight related health issues, not being able to fit into clothes,  not doing as well as you would like in your love life. If not now, when?

The worst parts of our minds are best at making excuses, putting things off and procrastinating. I’m speaking from experience.The only way to tame this beast of mediocrity, is to answer the question of “if not now, when” with clean, clear, committed action. Yes, Now Is the Time To Change Your Life.


Just a few more thoughts on the subject:

* Putting Off Pursuing Goals is the Quick Path to Killing Them. When you postpone taking positive action towards pursuing your goals, fitness or not, you are setting the stage for your goal to atrophy and die. It’s an undeniable part of human nature. A better method? Even taking small steps towards what you are wishing for keeps them fresh and your desire focused. Try it and see the difference.


* Accept Responsibility for Where You Are. If you want to really transform your life, now, break the chains of casting blame. Once you accept responsibility for where you are it becomes quite obvious you and you alone have the power to enact true lasting change in your life. Don’t blame TV commercials for your former fast food addiction or an unkind word from an ex for damaging your self-confidence. These people and institutions never had any real power over you on the inside. You determine your own destiny. And that’s a beautiful thing, trust me.


* Be Willing To Make Dramatic Change. Just following and reading this 7 week guide shows just how far you are willing to go to make a change. It’s a great start. If you can keep that positive outlook it will only serve to push you to greater and greater things. In a few years I can only imagine the transformation your body and mind could undergo. Making improvements and growing requires a willingness to change doesn’t it? Of course it does!


* Ignore Limitations. Most limitations are artificial creations we construct in our minds. Take a look at some “before” and “after” fitness and weight loss photos if you need proof. There’s an almost countless number of people who ignored limitations and proved them wrong. You can too. Follow the 7 week guide with a positive attitude and expectations and you can shatter what many would say is impossible yourself; that is if you start today.


Thank you for taking the time to read 7 Week Slim Down. I truly hope it gives you the tools and motivation to create the body of your dreams! Don’t hesitate, there’s no better time than now to change your life! Do you have what it takes? I think you do and then some. Please stay in touch I would love to hear your own success story!


In good health,

Diva Coach Cass

Published by Dema Agency

I am Cassandra, Behavior Consultant, Wealth Mentor and CEO of Dema Agency Consultants LLC. I’ve worked with leaders at AT&T, Marriott, State Farm, Lucent Technology, ComEd, and The Will Group. I’ve been employed by top companies in the industry of financial services, business and technology and I take pride in being positioned with the BEST. I have a unique behavioral DNA of a Take Charge Creative (95-98% stronger than the population) which allows me to assess situations and design programs and workshops to suit the needs of an individual or business expeditiously. I look forward to helping you uncover and understand your genetic natural behavior, inherited from birth to age 3, affects how you make decisions plus changing your outcomes (communication, productivity, compliance, retention, quality life, fitness, nutrition or mindset challenges) in your career, business, relationships, health or finances. 💞Cassandra

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