Wk 3 – Exercise doesn’t have to be at the gym.


Having a gym membership is great for most of us. Gyms are, of course, filled with equipment, other people working out and if you are wise enough to turn off the cell phone, environmental distractions too.

However, we all know sometimes it’s just not practical to make it to the gym. I know from experience there may even be big chunks of time where training at home is the only option. Life can be like that but I can tell you from experience you can have some of the best training sessions ever outside the gym and slim down just as easily. Here are some tips I followed as well as I picked up along the way to share with you.


* Walk or Run. Depending on your fitness level, athletic experience and if the weather permits, walking or running is the near perfect way to burn fat and it’s absolutely free. Even when I train in the gym, I love to wake up and immediately do a 30-45 minute brisk walk or run after drinking 15g of complex carbs. Taking in the carbs restore my body with depleted glycogen and this calorie burning walk will directly target my stored fat. It may take a little getting used to, but it’s well worth it. Try it for our 7 weeks and you’ll see it works about one hundred times better than any fat burning supplement you could ever buy! Make a choice between walking six days a week or running three or four.


* Do Push Ups. You would probably be shocked if you saw photos of some people’s bodies that were developed by just doing push ups a day. This sounds crazy, but if you do push ups three days a week you will see the number you are able to do sky rocket. Push ups will develop and tone your entire upper body not just your triceps and chest. Another advantage is this is appealing looking athletic toning rather than the “bulky” look a body building inspired work out can produce in some of us.


* Focus on Core Training. It’s easy to get a good ab work out at home. I prefer sets of crunches mixed with leg lifts. Four sets of however many reps you can do on the same day as your push ups, three days a week. Now we can’t expect to see our abdominal definition until we shed our extra fat, but when the fat is gone this core training will shine through!


* Consider Light Weight Lifting or Exercise Bands. A few adjustable dumbbells and / or exercise resistance bands are not much of an investment and are perfect for doing sets of curls and shoulder presses. Not a requirement, but great to have in the closet to diversify your home training beyond body weight exercises. Stick with three sets of each for a resistance / weight you can handle for 12 to 15 reps while slimming down!


* The Pull Up. Not all of us have the strength when we start out for pull ups, but once we do a $20 door way pull up bar can lead to a total body transformation. Once again three sets on the days you are doing your other resistance exercises for as many reps as you can manage!


Now not being able to make it to the gym is no excuse to not slim down…let me know what you do to slim down when the gym is not an option.


In good health,

Diva Coach Cass

Published by Dema Agency

I am Cassandra, Behavior Consultant, Wealth Mentor and CEO of Dema Agency Consultants LLC. I’ve worked with leaders at AT&T, Marriott, State Farm, Lucent Technology, ComEd, and The Will Group. I’ve been employed by top companies in the industry of financial services, business and technology and I take pride in being positioned with the BEST. I have a unique behavioral DNA of a Take Charge Creative (95-98% stronger than the population) which allows me to assess situations and design programs and workshops to suit the needs of an individual or business expeditiously. I look forward to helping you uncover and understand your genetic natural behavior, inherited from birth to age 3, affects how you make decisions plus changing your outcomes (communication, productivity, compliance, retention, quality life, fitness, nutrition or mindset challenges) in your career, business, relationships, health or finances. 💞Cassandra

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