Getting Ready for the 7 Week Slim Down


Often I am asked for pointers on what it takes to slim down the body in a short period of time.  Although there is no one size fits all answer, this 9 week blog topic will go into detail about the topic. Make sure you are following the tips weekly and feel free to comment or connect with me.


Before we get into the “how” and “why” of our 7 Week Slim Down there are two things we need to cover that can really help you accomplish your wildest fitness dreams. Both are factors that are often skipped over in other programs and by some fitness instructors. Don’t make this mistake because these are absolute 100% game changers that can help motivate you even in the worst of times.

What are they:  Realistic goal setting and choosing the right training partner or personal trainer. Pay close attention!


SMART Fitness Goal Setting is the foundation of your upcoming fitness success. These are the clear goals you set for yourself before you even start the program. Humans are on the whole goal orientated for better or worse. Trying to get slim and fit without setting winning goals is like trying to drive across country without a map; it’s a waste of time and energy. Even worse, you are very unlikely to ever end up at your destination. How do you set smart goals?

Here’s a simple formula that can definitely help. Just keep the word SMART in mind. Which translates into…

* S is for Specific. Yes you’d like to slim down in the next 7 weeks. However the goal of “slimming down” is not the best goal to help you stay motivated. It’s way too broad. Pick a goal that’s way more specific like losing 12 pounds (or more or less). This gives you a clear target and will greatly increase your chances of success!

* M is for Measurable. You want your goals to be as measurable as possible. Instead of wanting to “run more”, set a goal similar to “I want to add 5 minutes more to my cardio at each workout session until I’m running 45 minutes four days a week”. This lets you measure your results as well as your progress.

* A is for Action. Your goals should inspire action. The more you take action the much more likely you are to both stay committed and ultimately succeed.

* R is for Realistic. Don’t set unrealistic goals, ever. These only serve to discourage. Realistic goals, especially once you start achieving them, will inspire you consciously and maybe even more importantly subconsciously!

* T is for Timed. Timed goals are best. For example, this segment is about time – 7 Week Slim Down! These create a sense of urgency and importance that will keep you moving quickly forward.


Choosing a Fitness Training Partner.  If at all possible find a reliable and motivated training partner for your slim down or consider hiring an experienced online or in-person trainer. Having a partner or trainer will make things more fun, interesting and give you another set of eyes to monitor and track your fitness and weight loss success. It’s also a lot harder for most of us to bail out on our commitments when we have another person involved. A good workout partner or trainer can keep you going especially when the going gets tough.

Even the world’s top athletes, bodybuilders and fitness competitors always credit their training partners as being an essential part of their ultimate success. You and I are no different, so do your best to find a companion or trainer for your slim down journey. It’s much more than worth it.

Do you know it’s impossible to do it on your own and require professional experience? No problem, click here to inquire about training with me.

Now you’re ready to begin! Next week, we will tackle easing into better nutrition and exercise.

In good health,

Diva Coach Cass


Published by Dema Agency

I am Cassandra, Behavior Consultant, Wealth Mentor and CEO of Dema Agency Consultants LLC. I’ve worked with leaders at AT&T, Marriott, State Farm, Lucent Technology, ComEd, and The Will Group. I’ve been employed by top companies in the industry of financial services, business and technology and I take pride in being positioned with the BEST. I have a unique behavioral DNA of a Take Charge Creative (95-98% stronger than the population) which allows me to assess situations and design programs and workshops to suit the needs of an individual or business expeditiously. I look forward to helping you uncover and understand your genetic natural behavior, inherited from birth to age 3, affects how you make decisions plus changing your outcomes (communication, productivity, compliance, retention, quality life, fitness, nutrition or mindset challenges) in your career, business, relationships, health or finances. 💞Cassandra

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